Through the Goodness of Your Actions, Local Children and Youth Will be Supported!

Campaign Goal: $250,000

The Holiday Season is a time of year when we celebrate family and friends. It’s also a time to be generous with our good will and think of those who may not be as fortunate as us. For a variety of reasons, some families will struggle to get through the holidays.

Through the Goodness of Your Actions- Be a Superhero!

The Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation, through its equity seeking programs, supports children and youth in Hastings and Prince Edward counties. We believe that all students should have the support they need to realize well-being and success, and we’re committed to creating equal opportunities for all students.

As you consider how you want to make a difference in your community, and where you will lend your philanthropic support through the goodness of your actions, consider front line staff feedback, as shared by a Child and Youth Worker:

“Given these challenging times, the last thing students and their family members need are added struggles.

This is where the HPE Learning Foundation comes in. The support provided through the Learning Foundation offers immediate financial assistance to students and their families in their time of need.

This funding is invaluable and assists families directly, whether it be for purchasing grocery, or gas cards, back to school supplies, or covering the registration costs for children’s recreational activities, not to mention other unanticipated expenses. The Learning Foundation is quick to respond to requests and their flexibility in meeting the diverse needs of students and their families is greatly valued.”

A Highschool Head Secretary recounts how she has “watched kid’s faces change from defeat to happiness. After receiving funding for a new winter coat, eyeglasses, or new running shoes for gym, they are now feeling that they finally fit in! During the pandemic, I have taken phone calls from parents (one in tears) stating they didn’t know what they were going to do for food…and after receiving food cards they were so thankful!

I have also watched students who were able to go on a school trip because of LF support, once again, showing gratitude to be part of something and fitting in.”

Please make a donation and be a Superhero!

And finally, from an Elementary Principal,

“The support that The HPE Learning Foundation provides is invaluable, but their importance through this pandemic is vital. Access to breakfast and snack programs and the provisions of grocery cards are not simply keeping students fed, but demonstrating that even during the most uncertain times, kindness, compassion, and love are what is needed to keep us moving forward together.

With Student Emergency funding we can provide supports that are often significant game changers in the lives of our students and their families. Without this support, some families struggle to make ends meet and are forced to make difficult decisions between groceries, heat, hydro, gas money, or student clothing and shoes. The funding accessed is a much needed blessing during these challenging times, and many parents have expressed a tremendous sense of relief for receiving this support.

Levelling the playing field for our students is so essential. The Food for Learning program ensures our students have a good breakfast and healthy snacks throughout the day. We feed approximately 200 students each day. This support ensures that students have daily access to fresh and nutritious food to improve learning readiness. If students are hungry, they have a hard time concentrating and therefore they struggle to learn. The Food for Learning program keeps kids smiling, learning, and provides them with a greater sense of belonging.

Thank you to The Learning Foundation for making a difference in students’ lives.”

Through the goodness of your actions, your support will allow all students to thrive; the moral obligation to ensure their wellbeing, interpersonal and academic success.