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Our Work

Student Nutrition Ontario | South East

Student Nutrition Programs

Helping to ensure students have access to nutritional meals everyday so they can learn.

Student Emergency Fund

Student Emergency Fund

Providing immediate assistance to students in crisis situations.

Bring Your Own Device

Bring Your Own Device

Breaking down financial barriers for students who can’t afford essential learning technology.

Food for Home

Food for Home

Providing our most vulnerable, and food insecure youth with nutrition.

The Good Backpack Program

The Good Backpack Program

Ensuring that all students have the opportunity to participate in their education, regardless of their family's financial means.

Len and Olive Black Memorial Fund

Len & Olive Black Memorial Fund

Supporting students facing financial hardship who require assistance with course costs, and with application fees for post secondary education.

Prom Project

Prom Project

Commemorating the achievements of students who have overcome adversity and helping them celebrate in style.

Our Organization

Our job is to fundraise for programs and services that overcome barriers and help students succeed in school.

We believe that all students should have the support they need to realize well-being and success, and we’re committed to creating equal opportunities for all students. Programs – such as Prom Project, the Good Backpack Program, the Student Emergency Fund, and our Student Nutrition Programs: Food for Learning, Food for Thought, and The Food Sharing Project – help students to actively participate in their school life.

Our programs are universally accessible to all students, breaking down barriers and levelling the playing field in a non-stigmatizing way.

We support students so they can learn


The Learning Foundation’s 2021 Christmas Appeal

The Learning Foundation’s 2021 Christmas Appeal

The Holiday Season is a time of year when we celebrate family and friends. It’s also a time to be generous with our good will and think of those who may not be as fortunate as us. For a variety of reasons, some families will struggle to get through the holidays.


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