Our Work

Each of our programs and funds are designed to support students and remove barriers so they can learn and grow. We believe that every student deserves an equal opportunity to realize their well-being and success. To achieve this goal, we work directly with teachers and school staff to identify needs. Then, with the support of our donors and volunteers, we work to fulfill those needs.

To learn more about each of our initiatives, click on a program or fund below.

Student Nutrition Ontario | South East

Student Nutrition Programs

Helping to ensure students have access to nutritional meals everyday so they can learn.

Student Emergency Fund

Student Emergency Fund

Providing immediate assistance to students in crisis situations.

Food for Home

Food for Home

Providing our most vulnerable, and food insecure youth with nutrition.

Len and Olive Black Memorial Fund

Len & Olive Black Memorial Fund

Supporting students facing financial hardship who require assistance with course costs, and with application fees for post secondary education.

Prom Project

Prom Project

Commemorating the achievements of students who have overcome adversity and helping them celebrate in style.

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