Food for Home

Food for Home

The Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation provides our most vulnerable, and food insecure youth with nutrition outside of school through the Food for Home Program.

About The Program

It’s through the Food for Home program that we assist food insecure Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board students with nutrition at home.

The Food for Home model recently changed and we’ve moved to funding Nutrition Pantries. Nutrition Pantries provide a supply of shelf stable food items that students can access and shop to take home as needed.

Proper nutrition is essential to learning so this will provide equity to students that may be facing food insecurity at home, while allowing personal selection to accommodate dietary restrictions.


It’s so rewarding it’s not really work. One little guy was so excited to get pasta and sauce and bread and margarine. His mom was working late, and they had little at home. He was going to surprise her with pasta and garlic bread. I was crying.

Families have been provided with nutritious food items, as well as recipes on how to prepare meals with the items. Many families have expressed gratitude for the food.

Student came to school on a snow day in order to get food because they did not have anything at home.

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