Food for Home


About The Program

The goal of Food for Home is to provide our most vulnerable, and food insecure youth with nutrition. Food for Home will provide support, in the form of a weekly $50 Grocery Gift Card, for 11 weeks.

The 11 weeks includes the Summer Break, Christmas, and March Break.

This is a great program and it supported some of our most food insecure families. They may not always be able to articulate the thanks, but without the support, things would be worse.

Secondary School Vice Principal

We had one family that was homeless, and living out of a rental vehicle, as it was cheaper than paying rent. They were so thankful for having the support that Food for Home provided.

Secondary School Staff

Food for Home is an essential program, and it has allowed staff to form caring relationships with vulnerable students.

Secondary School Principal

Food for Home is the program that makes the biggest difference. The need is appreciated, and allows staff to form relationships with vulnerable students and families.

Secondary School Vice Principal

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