Student Emergency Fund

The Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation provides immediate assistance to students in urgent crisis situations through the Student Emergency Fund.

School Staff Resources

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Student Emergency Fund Request Form

Student Emergency Fund Expense Form

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About The Program

The objective of the Student Emergency Fund is to give immediate assistance to Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board students, and perhaps their families, by providing financial aid and/or gift-in-kind support.

This funding could be used to purchase items such as eyeglasses, EpiPens, medical supplies, food and clothing, transportation, to subsidize field trips, or to assist with additional financial needs that result from family crises (fire, flood, layoffs, illness, etc).

Len & Olive Black Memorial Fund

The Len & Olive Black Memorial Fund supports students facing financial hardship who:

1) Require assistance with purchasing materials and items to allow them to fully participate in courses, leveling the playing field for all students

2) Would like to pursue post secondary education and need assistance with the application fee.

Funds from the Len & Olive Black Memorial Fund are distributed through requests made to the Student Emergency Fund.


Thank you for helping a student from our school take part in a music trip with their peers.  The student and their family struggling extremely hard with finances.  The student has a part time job, and is giving much of their pay cheque to their parents to help pay household bills.  We are so happy to have them participate in this trip!

Elementary School Principal

This is so amazing for these families! We are so appreciative to the Learning Foundation for this support. The families have stated they hope to be able to pay it forward when they get back on their feet.

Elementary School Principal

I have watched kid’s faces change from defeat to happiness. After receiving funding for a new winter coat, eyeglasses, or new running shoes for gym, they are now feeling that they finally fit in! During the pandemic, I have taken phone calls from parents (one in tears) stating they didn’t know what they were going to do for food…and after receiving food cards they were so thankful! I have also watched students who were able to go on a school trip because of LF support, once again, showing gratitude to be part of something and fitting in.

High School Head Secretary

With Student Emergency funding we can provide supports that are often significant game changers in the lives of our students and their families. Without this support, some families struggle to make ends meet and are forced to make difficult decisions between groceries, heat, hydro, gas money, or student clothing and shoes. The funding accessed is a much needed blessing during these challenging times, and many parents have expressed a tremendous sense of relief for receiving much-needed support.

Elementary School Principal