Will you make a difference?

Dear Friends,

We believe that all students should have the support they need to realize wellbeing and success.

Our fundraising efforts allow us to provide services and programs that help students overcome barriers and succeed in school.

The programs we fund break down barriers and help to level the playing field in a non-stigmatizing way, helping to create equal opportunities for all students.

Prom Project, the Good Backpack Program, Student Emergency Fund, the Len and Olive Black Memorial Fund, and Food for Learning, help students to actively participate in their school life.

Our programs are universally accessible to all students.

Your donation in support of our initiatives could make a lasting difference in the life of a student!

Maribeth deSnoo
Executive Director

Food for Learning ensures that students have daily access to school breakfast, lunch and/or snack programs. Last school year Food for Learning served 1,076,531 meals and snacks to 12,823 students.

Food for Learning allows me to have a full, balanced breakfast when I’m running late in the morning and don’t have time to eat at home.

Grade 11 Student

My favourite thing about Food for Learning is that kids aren’t starving when they are hungry or don’t have time to eat in the morning.

Grade 4 Student

With a school our size, it has been a wonderful experience to have a common area where students and adults can come together for a common cause. It has provided our students a place to get nutritious food needed, and a sense of security knowing that they won’t be hungry all day.”

Elementary School Teacher

Your gift could provide the following:


Milk for 50 students

Healthy Meal


Healthy Meal for a student for one year



Eggs for a school for a year

The Good Backpack program ensures that all children have the opportunity to participate completely in their education, regardless of their family’s financial status or means. Last  school year, 489 backpacks were distributed to students in Hastings and Prince Edward counties.

A couple of our students cried because they weren’t sure how they were going to get some of the items in the backpack, and they were so happy and appreciative to have that worry taken off of their shoulders.

Secondary School Principal

Both staff and families are pleased with this program and thankful to have been recipients of such generosity. For several of our families with multiple children, the return to school is daunting due to the sheer cost of such items.

Elementary School Principal

Lunch Bag


Lunch Bag and Thermos

Backpack and supplies


Backpack and Supplies

Please consider a donation of gentle used formal wear to our Prom Project campaign. Donations should be suitable for a teenager to wear.

We’ll be launching our campaign in February of 2018, so watch and listen for our Prom Project promotions!

The Len & Olive Black Memorial Fund supports students facing financial hardship, and who:

1) Require assistance with purchasing materials and items to allow them to fully participate in courses.

2) Would like to pursue post secondary education and need assistance with the application fee.

The Len and Olive Black Memorial Fund allows us to give students encouragement and hope. I’ve had students who wanted to pursue post-secondary education, but couldn’t afford the fees. Levelling the playing field for all students is so important.

Secondary School Teacher

Your donation could provide the following:
Welding Glasses, Art Kit


Welding Glasses, Art Kit

Application to College or University


Application to College or University

The Student Emergency Fund provides immediate assistance to students in crisis situations.

Last school year we responded to 387 requests, granting almost $45,000.

Most requests continue to be for food at home, clothing and hygiene items.

Our families are often left in positions where they must make choices between heat, hydro or groceries and prescription drugs or eye glasses. As school administrators, knowing that we have your support as we help our families, makes a difference. Many of our families struggle day to day with challenges we have never experienced and stresses we cannot relate to directly. We can help students feel included and participate in activities which their peers take for granted.

Elementary School Principal

Your donation could provide the following:



Clothing and Footwear


Clothing and Footwear

eye glasses


Eye Glasses

Yes! I’d like to make a difference!

Visit our donation page to make a donation online, by mail or by phone.

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