For immediate release – October 28, 2021

The Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation welcomes Marion Wilson to its Board of Directors.  In considering Marion for a Director role, the Board was already aware that her expertise and years of valuable experience would be a great asset.

In Marion’s role as principal, she has seen first hand the impact the HPE Learning Foundation has in communities across Hastings and Prince Edward. Marion expresses that “we are united in our pursuit in improving outcomes for all our students, and we know that the particular geographic area of the province we serve, experiences a greater than provincial average level of poverty and food insecurity”, also adding that both of these create barriers for students.

Children in our school board are more likely to enter school less prepared, socially, emotionally, intellectually, and economically than many of their peers in other districts, which means many of our students come from homes that are ‘stuck’ or ‘trapped’ in cycles; cycles of declining mental health, poverty, and even addiction.  It is not easy to break a cycle, and for our students, it takes a great deal of support from the adults in their lives and the educators in their schools.  Marion reiterates
“Education should be the great leveller and should ensure equal access to opportunities for all students”.

The HPE Learning Foundation has a huge role to play through continued support of students and schools. Marion Wilson is not only a school Administrator within the HPEDSB, she is also very active within her community of North Hastings.  Marion is a member of the Board of Directors for North Hastings Children’s Services.  Since the onset of COVID, Marion has also been a member of the North Hastings Social Services Committee.  The aim of the task forces was to ensure that all sectors of our community were being supported during the pandemic, and therefore ensuring not to duplicate services with limited existing resources.

As a beneficial voice on the HPE Learning Foundation Board of Directors, we look forward to sharing Marion’s knowledge base and contributions towards the well-being of our own HPE community, its schools, and ultimately, the students and families.


For more information, please contact:
Maribeth deSnoo, Executive Director, The Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation
(613) 966-1170, ext. 62205

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