Learning Foundation support of students through COVID 19 with $410,657 in food supports

The Learning Foundation has provided 4,759 grocery gift cards to students and families through the pandemic.  Support of students started when the pandemic first happened, and funding has just been provided to assist students and families with groceries through to the end of August.

Funding in Grocery Gift Cards:                                  $378,100

(funding from Food for Home, the Student Emergency Fund and Food for Learning)

Foodbank support to families with children

In product                                                           $  28,887

Fruit and veggie coupons                                 $    3,120

Egg coupons                                                       $       550

Total product and coupons                             $   32,557

Total Support                                                   $ 410,657

Staff of The Learning Foundation worked through School Principals and their staff members to contact students and families, and to deliver the grocery cards.  As a Principal shared with us, “I wanted to take a moment on behalf of our staff to share some of the feedback we have had from families who have received grocery cards.  My staff almost fall over each other volunteering to deliver the cards….not only because it is good news for families, but because they get to see the faces of our students, we miss so much.  Thank you on behalf of all of the families who have received the support.  They are all very surprised and appreciative when they receive a call or a visit to their house.  Sometimes they think it is because of work not being completed but then they are always overwhelmed with gratitude.  We appreciate being able to provide this kind of support to our families and thank the Learning Foundation/Food for Learning Program for making this possible for our families.”

Susan Sweet, Chair of The Learning Foundation has shared that, “The Vision statement of The Learning Foundation, All students have the support needed to realize well-being and success, is what I truly believe every student deserves.  Great people, great programs, supporting students and making a difference!  What more can I say?”