Student Nutrition Programs provide school aged children with access to breakfast, lunch and snack programs so that they can be engaged in their learning, experience a sense of belonging at school and develop lifelong healthy eating habits.

Food for Learning’s nutrition programs are offered to students on a daily basis throughout the school year to help minimize the effects of hunger. When a student arrives at school hungry and participates in a student nutrition program, they will maximize their learning potential through the school day. When children eat better, they learn better!

Tell us how Food for Learning makes your day better:

“It makes me feel welcomed and feel like I’m at home.”
– Grade 8 Student


“It just makes my day so much better that I can go in and talk to my friends and jut eat a healthy breakfast.”
– Grade 12 Student

Your contribution would help local schools serve over 1 million meals and snacks over the next year.

“This is a great program and it supported some of our most food insecure families. They may not always be able to articulate the thanks, but without the support, things would be worse.”
– Secondary School Vice Principal

The goal of Food for Home is to provide our most vulnerable, and food insecure youth with nutrition. Food for Home will provide support, in the form of a weekly $50 Grocery Gift Card, for 11 weeks.

The 11 weeks includes the Summer Break, Christmas, and March Break.

The Good Backpack program ensures that all children have the opportunity to participate completely in their education, regardless of their family’s financial status or means. Last school year, 508 backpacks were distributed to students in Hastings and Prince Edward counties.

What do Principals say about the Program?

“The program is very well appreciated by many families in our school. It helps to reduce the stigma poverty has for some of our students who would not come to school with a backpack otherwise.”


This support will breakdown financial barriers for those secondary students who can’t afford the cost to purchase a Chromebook, while allowing all students to participate equally in this learning initiative.

“We know that for many students, assistive technology is the great equalizer that allows ALL students to access learning in a manner that aligns with their individual learner profiles. For many other classes, assistive technology devices allow educators and students to engage in deep learning whereby they can take advantage of various web tools available to collaborate, think critically and communicate their ideas in creative ways.”
– Secondary School Principal

The Student Emergency Fund provides immediate assistance to students in crisis situations. Last school year we responded to 352 requests. Most requests continue to be for food, clothing and hygiene items.

What did we receive Student Emergency Fund requests for last year?

“We have a student that is taking part in a music trip with their peers. The student and their family are struggling extremely hard with finances. This student has a part time job, and is giving much of their pay cheque to their parents to help pay household bills. We’d like funds to help them participate in the school trip.”
– Secondary School Teacher


“A student’s parent has lost their job. They are in the process of applying for other positions but money is really tight. For this parent to share this info, it means that things are pretty bad. This student has told me that they do not always have money for enough food, and with the parent now unemployed, I’d like food gift cards for the student.”
– Elementary Teacher


“Student has cancer, and frequent trips to Sick Kids are required for monitoring and determining treatment. Unfortunately, their parent isn’t working. I’m requesting money for gas cards.”
– Child and Youth Worker

The Len & Olive Black Memorial Fund supports students facing financial hardship, and who, would like to pursue post-secondary education and need assistance with the application fee, and/or require assistance with purchasing materials and items to allow them to fully participate in their courses.

“We have a student that has a dream of attending the Culinary Skills Program at College, and who needs our support. The student lives with their single parent, and they do not have the funds for the college application fee. This student has dreamed of going to culinary school since they were 10 years old.”
– Secondary School Teacher

Dear SuperFriends,

The call to action is clear and our heros need your help. You can join the crusade and be a hero to someone in need.

I think of those who may struggle to get through the school year, and I realize that those struggles may be as a result of a variety of things.

As an example, the following was submitted to our Student Emergency Fund:

“A student in our school is in need. Their attendance has been sporadic, and they also have a sibling. They’ve told us that there is no food in the house, and they don’t come to school when they have nothing for lunch. This is a single parent home living on a pension.”

Your donation to one of our programs helps to support students!

We want every student to feel like they’ve got a super hero in their corner.

Welcome to the team and thank you!

Maribeth deSnoo
Executive Director

Please consider a donation of gentle used formal wear to our Prom Project campaign. Donations should be suitable for a teenager to wear. We’ll be launching our campaign in March of 2020, so watch and listen for our Prom Project promotions!

Yes! I’d like to make a difference!

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